Helping Raise Funds for Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice



An opportunity to socialise with fellow Porsche enthusiasts and enjoy a vast array of Porsche models from all over the UK and Europe.


Also in the Paddock, we will have PCGB , TIPEC  and 911uk club stands. PARR Motorsports will be their with their team of experts on hand to answer any technical queries.

Pre-registration has now closed. People are still welcome to attend on the day, however paddock parking is no longer guaranteed and a cash donation upon entry will be required in order to access to the event.



The Event will be run by Porsche Club GB and there will be a senior instructor  available for those wanting some tuition. The day is divided into sessions of approx 15 minutes as this is not an open-pit lane, due to noise restrictions.


Noise Limit:105dB. Your car must be a PORSCHE and ROAD LEGAL. The circuit is covered by AMRCO Code of Practice for Private Car Track Days.

Booking is via the PCGB web site.  If you are a not a member, you will be asked to register as a 'non-paying' member to access the track day  -book  HERE  



As an added bonus to the day, we have a very limited session during lunchtime for owners to take pictures of their car parked on the Start Grid and leave by doing  a single Parade Lap. This is a perfect opportunity for those not on the track day, to take their pride and joy around this iconic circuit. 


Please note that the process takes just over an hour, during which time your car engines must remain switched OFF due to noise restrictions.

To book, see PADDOCK MEET



Back in 2013, while having breakfast at the Aero Club at Goodwood, we thought it might be fun to hire the Motor Circuit for a track day. Jonathan was already actively involved in raising funds for CHESTNUT TREE HOUSE, through the Teddy Bear Run, so it became obvious that it would be a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of the charity while allowing everyone to have a fun day out.

Being Porsche enthusiasts, we felt it should be a 'Porsche only' event and so Porsche Charity Day came into being. It is run on a non-profit basis with all the proceeds raised, after the cost of the motor circuit hire, going to CHESTNUT TREE HOUSE. The first event was held in October 2013 and we are now heading into our sixth year. With everyone’s help, we have raised over £50,000 and are pleased it has become an annual event on the Porsche owners calendar.

The Charity gets less than 7p in every pound funded by the government, and as a result, are reliant on fund raising events such as this. It costs £6,850 per day to run the centre, and families are never charged for their care. The 2018 Event again raised sufficient money to 'cover the cost of running the home for two days.

We would like to this opportunity to thank Paul Robes, Lawrence Stockwell and the team at PARR who have offered invaluable advice and support over the years. Mandy Sear, Richard Baldelli and the team at PORSCHE CLUB GB who donate their time to both manage the bookings and the track event. We are also grateful for the effort that the crew at GOODWOOD MOTOR CIRCUIT put in to help make the day the success it is. Last but not least, a big thank you to VROOMPHOTO who take photos of the cars on the day, design and maintain both our website and Facebook page.

 Jonathan Trees, Tony Clinch, John Rampton & Andrew Wilson

FUNDS RAISED including Gift Aid

2013 -  £6,213.72

2014 -  £5,460.01

2015 -  £7,047.25

2016 -  £7,938.23

2017 - £12,620.81

2018 - £13,024.15

2019 - £11,532.66

TOTAL: £63,836.83


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Porsche Charity Day is at Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester PO18 0PX

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